Hearing God in Prayer <span style="color:tomato"><i class="fas fa-video"></i></span>

Does God speak to us today? And if so, how? This seminar will introduce what Scripture says on these questions and the role communication with God has in our relationship with him. The different ways God speaks to us will be outlined, along with contemporary real-world examples of each. We will also discuss ways to discern and test what we might believe is from God, and we will end with suggestions for common obstacles to prayer and a time for Q&A

Staff & Internship with SOON Movement Global

Thinking of investing your life to help build disciples among every tribe and nation and people and language? Full-time Missionary staff members have many different kinds of roles with SOON, in any of our ministries, and locations in the US and other countries. …

Understanding Depression and Anger <span style="color:tomato"><i class="fas fa-video"></i></span>

Many young people have a difficult time coping with depression. There is a difference between feeling depressed and having depression. Young adult age is a stage in life where you begin to differentiate from parents and develop your own identity. The pressures of school work and just growing up causes stress that can lead to depression. The session is about learning what depression is and how to cope with it. The session will also help you help others in depression by understanding where they are and knowing what to do and what not to do.