I accidentally clicked the “Register” button on the registration form before processing the payment and now I can’t find the payment link.

You should receive an account activation email once you click the “Register” button  Activate the account through the email you provided. If you couldn’t receive an activation email, please contact tech@highercallingconference.org. Open the registration form using the link below:https://app.highercallingconference.org/estudent-registration DON’T fill out the form and click on the “Make a Payment” button to open the […]

I already did the “Make a Payment” process and received a receipt but couldn’t confirm my registration.

If you closed out the registration on the browser before revisiting the registration form to input the “Order Number” and click on the “Register” button after making a payment, please follow the instructions below: Fill out the registration form again through the link below:https://app.highercallingconference.org/estudent-registration Since we have received your payment in our system, you don’t […]