Elective Seminar “How to Share Your Faith”

12:30PM-1:45PM PST, 3:30PM-4:45PM EST​ Simple Gospel


  • 2020 has been difficult for many people, and the pandemic has made one thing clearer now than ever before. People need to know Christ! He is our true hope and the answer to all our suffering and pain. God has made it clear in the Bible how we can know Him.
  • From this workshop, you will learn how to share your faith by clearly presenting the key points of the Gospel, using the app “Knowing God Personally.”

Recommended for first-time evangelists

Caleb Muhn

Caleb Muhn is currently serving as the Director of Campus Ministry of SOON Movement Global New York. He has been on staff with SOON Movement Global since 2013. Since that time, he has served on college campuses in Boston and New York. Caleb’s passion is to raise the next generation of students who will impact their campuses, communities, and the world. God has also led Caleb to various places in overseas missions, namely cities in East Asia, the region of Asia Minor, and to the Southeast Asian countries.

Ji Hye Kim

Ji Hye Kim grew up in New York. She served as a short-term missionary in Central Asia from 2001-2004. After coming back from Central Asia, she joined the campus ministry at Soon Movement Global (2005-current). She earned a Masters of Divinity at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (2012-2015). She currently serves in campus and national ministry at Soon Movement Global in Southern California.  

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