Elective Seminar “How to Share Your Faith”

12:30PM-1:45PM PST, 3:30PM-4:45PM EST​ Perspectives​

Lucia Kim

Lucia Kim graduated from UC Berkeley where she first received the call to be a witness for Jesus Christ. She studied Development Studies with the focus on East Asia, in hopes that one day God will use her skills to evangelize to the ends of the earth. Currently, she is serving as a Campus Minister with SOON Movement in New York. She serves on two campuses: Columbia University and Hunter College. Though she grew up in California, she is getting used to the cold weather of New York as she is approaching her 7th year.


Perspective Cards is an evangelism tool that provides a disarming approach to a spiritual conversation, allowing others to share their perspective about five important topics (Nature of God, Meaning and Purpose of Life, Human Nature, Who is Jesus, What is Truth). Through these Perspective Cards, you can engage in spiritual conversations and have the opportunity to share the main points of the Gospel.

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