Elective Seminar “How to Share Your Faith”

12:30PM-1:45PM PST, 3:30PM-4:45PM EST​ Evangelizing in the Secular World

Kelly In

Kelly In grew up in Atlanta and attended Georgia Tech where she got her bachelor degree in Biomedical Engineering. Throughout college, she was heavily involved in Soon Movement as a soonjang and student leader of her campus and the Atlanta region. After graduating in 2016, she worked as a clinical engineer for two medical device companies. She currently lives in the Bay Area in California and is preparing for her marriage in a few months.


“I learned so much at SOON Movement. I learned how to share my faith to my classmates and helped students grow in their relationship with God. But after I graduated, sharing the gospel in a secular world outside of college was difficult and felt unfamiliar.” - SOON Movement Alum.

People are hopeless and lost without Christ in the secular world, especially in the workplace. Unfortunately, many college students are not sure how to continue sharing their faith after they graduate.


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Evangelizing in the Secular WorldDecember 30, 2020500